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Driving license Steps

You don't have to be great to start, but you must start to be great!



Its Naf 200,- minimum to start. You can apply online, or make an appointment through WhatsApp (511-2838). You can choose how you would like to pay the rest of you package. Your total package price must be paid full before practical exam. 


Theory Exam

Theory exam takes place at "Rijbewijs kantor". You have to be at "Rijbewijs kantor" 20 minutes before your exam. For the Theory Exam you need the Theory Exam paper, Valid Id or Passport and a Pen. For more info about exam dress code and location of "Rijbewijs kantor" Click button below. 



Practical Exam

Practical Exam takes place at "Rijbewijs Kantor". We recommend to be at least  20 minute before your practical exam. 


Theory Class

We start with theory class and when you pass your Theory exam, we start with driving classes. Theory class is completely free. The free theory classes or on Sunday at 4:00 Pm and Wednesday at 5:30 Pm. Each class is 1 hour and held in saliña. If you can not attend our free classes, we can schedule classes that fits within your schedule. Private class is Naf 25,-


Practical Classes

Practical classes are between 50 and 60 minute. We Pick you up and drop you off at your desire location. We give practical classes everyday from 8:00 AM till 7:00 PM. For more information click the link below. 


After passing Exam

When you pass your practical exam you will receive a paper with your result at "ribewijs kantor". With that paper you can make an appointment to receive your driving license at " kranchi". You can make an appointment at "benta di informashon" or you can make an appointment online. Click the button below to make your online appointment.

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