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Theory Information

Believe and have trust and faith that you are really capable of doing what you want to do

Theory class

Theory Class

The first step is theory class. Theory class is free so you can attend as many classes you need. Theory classes are Sunday at 4:00 PM and Wednesday at 5:30 PM. Theory classes are 1 hour. If you cannot attend our free classes we can schedule private class. Private classes are Naf 25,- per class. In Theory Classes we will go over street situations. We do not go over street signs and question in the theory class, because you have  memorize the street sign and question. The PDF theory book is free. The printed book cost Naf 12.50. 

Theory Class Location

Theory class takes places at .............. salina. 

theory exam

Theory Exam

Theory exam consist of 10 question, 9 street sign, and 7 situations. The maximum point for theory exam is 50 point. 50 point consist of 20 point for question, 9 point for Street signs, and 21 point for situations. You need to have a minimum of 40 points to pass theory exam. You will fail the exam immediately if you have more than 3 wrong answer for street signs, more than 3 wrong answer for questions and more than 2 wrong for street situation. 

Theory Exam Location

Theory exam takes place at "Rijbewijs Kantor". Rijbewijs kantor" is located at Santa Rosa.  You are responsible to to get to "Rijbewijs Kantor" for your theory exam. Click to link below for location of "Rijbewijs Kantor".


Exam Requirements

For the theory exam, you will have to bring valid id or passport and "stortings bewijs". You need to pick up the "stortings bewijs" at the theory class before your exam date. Look below for accepted dress code for exam. 

Dress codeMen

Men Dress Code

Meet the Team

Dress code women

Women Dress Code

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